Our Key Projects

One of the key selling points for the Zone is that we have land available now, ready to build upon, with services and infrastructure in place.  This means that we can work with clients from day one, to plan their investment, simplifying processes and shortening timescales. This is a testament to the prior investment made in the area, notably the access road to the south to the A49, and a number of estate roads.

In order to get land to ‘shovel ready’ status, and to get the Park in best possible shape, investment on infrastructure is continuing, alongside other investments to make land and accommodation available to businesses wishing to invest here.

Our key projects have included the new access road on the North Magazine and the building of Skylon Court and Skylon Place, the two developments offering high quality accommodation for small businesses to rent.  

Our next two key major projects for 2019 are the Shell Store and Centre for Cyber Security.

The Shell Store is a refurbishment project which will bring this former Munitions Factory building back into productive business use.  

The Centre for Cyber Security is a new build project in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton which reflects our focus on the defence and security sector and the growing cluster of such businesses in the locality.