Travel Planning

The Hereford Enterprise Zone is supported by a Local Development Order (LDO) which makes planning free and simple for new investors meeting the correct criteria.

One of the agreed conditions for Highways England in approving the LDO was to have an active Travel Plan operating and implemented across Rotherwas.  Travel Planning is an important means of minimising the Estate's impact on the surrounding road infrastructure and hence enabling further investment on the Enterprise Zone.

An Area Travel Plan (ATP) has been produced covering the entire employment area of Rotherwas Estate and the adjoining Enterprise Zone (EZ) land.  Hence it covers all the existing businesses on the Industrial Estate as well as new investors.  The Area Travel Plan provides the overarching strategy, and sets the overall framework.  It is implemented through the actions of businesses and employees, coordinated by the EZ.

Through the LDO, all new companies coming on to the EZ must prepare and implement their own Travel Plan in order to help implement the Area Travel Plan.  A Travel Plan is a package of objectives, targets and measures developed by an organisation to promote more sustainable means of travel and reduce reliance on the private car.  

An Area Travel Plan Coordinator has been appointed to provide and ensure effective advice, support and coordination, and to encourage and promote the use of sustainable travel modes. You can contact Chris Brown or Tina Kilner at

A new guide has been developed to help staff and visitors to Rotherwas to find the most suitable public transport, car sharing, walking or cycling route - How to Get to Guide.

In order to encourage more of the 3,000 people who work at Rotherwas to adopt more sustainable ways to travel to and from work, an enhanced bus service was launched at the end of October 2016.

The 78/78A/78X service, operated by Yeomans Travel, now offers up to two buses an hour from the city centre to Skylon Park - 78/78/78X timetable. The route starts and ends at the city bus station with stops in Rotherwas at Thorn Offices, Centenary Park and Pikadish as well as Winston Road, Tesco Express at Putson, and Marlbrook Road.

The bus service is part of a package of measures in the Rotherwas Travel Plan initiative including a proposed scheme for a new cycleway along the Straight Mile and grants for businesses to provide pool bikes, changing facilities for cyclists, video-conferencing equipment and more.

Travel Planning Guide

Outline Travel Plan Template

Full Travel Plan Template

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