The Master Plan

The Masterplan and design guide for Skylon Park has been developed by architects Studio Egret West.


in keeping with Herefordshire’s character, Skylon Park will be a green space: surrounded by woodlands and fields with 7 mini-zones or “clearings in the woodland” each based on the same core architectural character, but each distinct and memorable.

Skylon Park Mini Zones Updated

To allow you to create the workspace you want at Skylon Park, you simply chose a plot and following the design guidelines to fit your own requirements. The flexible form allows for a range of configurations.  That way, you gain the workplace that fits perfectly with the way you operate.

Design standards

  • Sustainable buildings

The enterprise zone team are keen to ensure that all new buildings within the zone are economical to operate over the long term, healthy to occupy, have good capital values and are good neighbours. Part of the way this can be achieved is to set out sustainability standards and advise how they can be met; indeed it is mandatory through the Local Development Order planning system that new buildings within the zone achieve certain standards. The zone team have developed a tailored package of design advice called the ‘Sustainability Assessment for the Hereford Enterprise Zone’, specific to the zone that helps new occupiers achieve these objectives (currently in draft form).

The scheme has a simple scoring system appropriate to the size and type of building being planned that is biased towards cost savings in use, low carbon, energy efficient design and criteria which reward a healthy productive workspace. It is intended that this process will not add significantly to the capital costs of the building – it is much more about thinking about the building design and specification very early on in the process when any extra costs are minimal and more than compensated for by the long term savings in use achieved.

  • Safe and Secure Buildings

Working with the local Police Crime Prevention Design Advisor (CPDA) the enterprise zone team have set up a simple system for ensuring new buildings are safe and secure. The advice concentrates on thinking about security of the buildings very early on in the design process so any potential problems are avoided.