Key Sectors

Most of the Zones are targeting specific industry sectors, encouraging clusters of similar businesses, and building on existing strengths for mutual benefit. 

It is important to us that companies in the Zone complement and augment our existing business base.  Accordingly we are targeting specific business sectors to find new clients, drawing on existing and emerging strengths and maximising the potential to develop beneficial connections and trade in the wider local area.

Our key sectors are defence and security, advanced manufacturing, food and drink processing and sustainable technologies.  Click on the links to find out more.

-       Defence and Security

-       Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

-       Food & Drink Production

-       Sustainable Technologies

We recognise that the opportunities that the Zone provides should be available to local businesses too.  However, to avoid displacement, we expect these businesses to be able to demonstrate 30% employee growth over three years.

It is vital that we make the most of the opportunities that the Zone offers to enrich the business mix of Herefordshire and increase the number of high quality job opportunities for the local community.  All businesses coming on to the Zone must be in one of the business sectors listed.

Our Placement Statement provides more details of the sectors we are targeting.

Placement Statement