About the Zone

Why Skylon?

Our brand comes from the Skylon, the iconic structure that formed the centre-piece of the 1951 Festival of Britain. Manufactured in Hereford, the Skylon symbolised the reaching of new frontiers through technology and innovation. It is those same values that underpin Skylon Park, creating a free thinking environment where ambition and innovation can thrive.

Planning permission has now been granted for the erection of a beautiful landmark structure inspired by the original Skylon structure. This will be a key step in bringing the Enterprise Zone's brand, Skylon Park, to life.

The 46m high Skylon Tower will be sited at the junction of the Rotherwas access road and Straight Mile, where the principal access routes come together in the Park.

The plan is to landscape the site to create an attractive leisure and amenity area for workers on the Zone.